April 2022

Robinson Township Fire Department would like to thank the Trillium Community Support
Fund for their donation of $500.00 to help with the acquisition of a second floating strainer.
This equipment will help protect expensive fire pumps from ingesting debris.

Robinson Township has a small, volunteer fire department on the West End of Manitoulin Island. The Fire Department operates under the Local Services Board of Robinson Township. The Fire Department services an area of about 100 square kilometers. There are no fire hydrants, municipal water, or water pumping plants, and the firefighters rely on lakes and creeks to fill up their tanks.

Larry Holmes, Manager of Branding and Partnerships at Trillium Mutual Insurance says “We are proud of our strong legacy of community support over many years. We are committed to the sustainability of rural Ontario and we realize we have an opportunity to support programs that will foster the success of this responsibility”

Chief Doug Wismer states “This floating strainer will allow us to have one in each fire truck and greatly increase safety and longevity of our pumps”

Acting deputy chief Tim Mackinlay, a long standing client of Trillium Mutual Insurance said "Trillium sent out information to me mentioning the funding program available to first responders and I decided to apply and write a funding proposal. I am thrilled that Trillium recognized our need for a floating strainer